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Or: tootsie / tootsy / tootsy-wootsy , affectionate term of address for one's boyfriend or girlfriend , can be offensive when used with strangers.
See Also: tootsie, tootsy

Quotes Containing toots:
Michael/Dorothy (Dustin Hoffman) to Ron (Dabney Coleman) in Tootsie (1982): - Ron: ''Tootsie, take ten .'' - Dorothy: ''Ron, my name is Dorothy. It''s not Tootsie or Toots or Sweety or Honey or Doll.'' - Don: ''Oh! Christ!'' - Dorothy: ''No, just Dorothy. Now Allen is always Allen, Tom is always Tom, and John is always John. I have a name too. It''s Dorothy. Capital D , o, r, o, t, h, y. Dorothy.''

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