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touching oneself:

A euphemism for masturbation used by Roman Catholic priests in the confessional. See masturbation for synonyms.
See Also: ablutophilia, amour propre, aphephobia, automysophilia, autonecrophilia, autophobia, camp around, chiraptophobia, coffin queen, crurormia, delire du toucher, divertissement, excuse oneself from the table, get to third base, haphephobia, haptephobia, haptic, have ones ass in a crack, imago, Irish by birth by Greek by injection, isolophobia, osculatory, petting, play footsy, play footsy-wootsy, powder one's nose, powder ones puff, spectrophobia, tactus, thigmacupidus, thixophobia, touch, touch dick, touch the bun for luck, touche pipi, toucherism, toucheurism

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