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upside-down kiss:

An act of oral-sex performed on a woman sitting on one's chest .
See Also: arse over teakettle, arse over tit, ass backwards, ass over head, biting kiss, box tonsils, buss, Chill out!, chuck a slob, deep kiss, drop anchor in the bubby hutch, exchange spit(s), fucked by the fickle finger of fate, give tonsil-lectomy, hang a goober, have some lip action, hot tongue, inverted suspension, kisseltoe, lip salute, a, lock lips, mouth wrestle, mouth wrestling, neck, osculatory, Póg mo thón, pass secrets, philemaphobia, philematology, philematophobia, play lickey-face, play smacky-lips, shuttle-butt, smash mouth, smooch, smoodge, smooge, smouge, soul kissing, swap spit, thelebasiate, throw the tongue, tongue kissing, tongue wrestle, tongue wrestling, tonsil swabbing, tonsil-lectomy, trade spit, tulip sauce, up and down, wear, wet kissing, X, zoo-style

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