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1. Sexual excitement or arousal from fondling or caressing animals, from observing their sexual activities, and from a fetish based on animals' fur or skin .
SYNONYMS: zooerastia ; zooerotism .

2. Oral or genital contacts with farm animals or household pets (excluding goldfishes, porcupines and skunks).
SYNONYMS: animal-sex ; beast-fuck ; beastiality ; bestiality ; erotic-zoophilism ; interspecies-sex ; zoophilia-erotica ; zooerastia .
SEE ALSO: avisodomy ; mixoscopic-zoophilia ; zoolagnia ; zoophile ; zoophilism ; zoophilist .

See Also: beast-fuck, erotic zoophilism, zooerastia, zooerotism, zoophilia erotica

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