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BFE / Butt Fuck Egypt:

More rarely: Bum-Fuck-Egypt / Bumble-Fuck-Egypt Out there, somewhere in the great nowhere, in no man's land, the figurative ends of the earth, a place inconveniently far. In its original U.S. military/navy meaning a bad place to be stationed. Sometimes shortened to Butt Fuck: 'I had to park way out in Butt Fuck' Posted at Everything2 (www.everything2.com) by jmccabe (Nov 13. 1999) 'An acronym for Butt F*ck Egypt. Usually used in conjuction with "the middle of" or "go 5 miles, turn right and keep driving until you get lost, then turn left and continue into"' Also there was a reply by LordOmar: 'Butt Fuck Egypt / Bum-Fuck-Egypt / etc... Go beyond any place you know of and keep going, once you can't get out, you're in BFE.' Compare: east butt-fuck
See Also: BFE / Butt Fuck Egypt, Bum Fuck Egypt, Bumble Fuck Egypt, butt fuck / buttfuck, Butt Fuck Egypt / BFE, east butt-fuck, monkey fuck

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