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One of the four maids of honor in the erotic satire Sodom; or, The Quintessence of Debauchery authored by the frolicsome Earl of Rochester, John Wilmot, but published anonymously in 1684. The other characters or dramatis personae of the play include: Bolloxinion, King of Sodom (a pun on bollocks -> balls), Queen Cuntigratia (a pun on cunt + gratis), Prince Pricket (for prick), Princess Swivia (from the obsolete verb swive meaning to fuck), Buggeranthos, General of the Army, Prince Pockenello (an allusion to the pox, slang for the clap), Borastus, Buggermaster-General, Pine and Twely (the two Pimps of Honour), Fuckadilla, Officina, Cunticula and Clytoris (the four Maids of Honour), Flux (Physician to the King), Vertuoso, Merkin and Dildo-Maker (a merkin is a female pubic wig, a dildo is an artificial penis).
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