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The lexical study of the word fuck. - Fuckology. Defined in The Dictionary of Fake and Unusual Words posted at Everything2 by GreySoul (Oct 18, 2000): 'The study of the word fuck, or any field in which fucking plays a major role.' - Fuckologist is part of the title of a porno-movie : Babyface and the Fuckologist. - Fuckologue, in the sense of fuck dialogue, was used by Jack Fertig in Best Gay Erotica 1997 (SAN FRANCISCO BAY TIMES, April 17, 1997): 'Ferd Eggan's short "Lance as a Redneck Spiritual Adept" is an amusing patchwork of down and dirty fuckologue and philosophical references with a list of footnotes almost as long as the main text.'
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