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Words in the Sex Dictionary starting with the letter R
R2 your D2rabbiedrabbitrabbit catcher
rabbit died, therabbit pieRACrack monster
rack offrack salesmanracksradish
ragrag boxrag cheeserag time
raggingragmopragsragtime girl
railsraincoatraise a gallopraise hell
raise itraise the flagraise windraisin bag
raising Lazarus from the deadraising the mainsailrakerake out
rake your meatraking the leavesralphram
ram chargerram jobram the damram the ham
ram your rodram-bam-thank-you-ma'amrammerramming
Ramona Rottencrotchramrodrancherarancid flower
randyrangerRangoon runsrank
ranlum scrantumrantallionrantipolerantum scantum
rap clubrap parlorrap studiorape drugs
rapemobilerapid one arm pull-upsrapismrapt
raptophiliarapturerare piece of dark meatraree show
raspberry rippleraspberry tartrasperrat
ratchet-mouthrattlerattle and hissrattle shopping
rattle the (giddy) beadsrattlerrattlersrattlesnake
rattlesnake canyonrattletrapravage the innocentrave
raven beautyraverravishraw
raw meatraw sexreach a climaxreach climax
reach sexual climaxreach the big Oread Brailleread the beads
reading in Braillereading poetryreading with one handready for action
ready for Freddyready to dropready to spitreal babe
real stunnerreamream jobreamer
reamo reamrearrear admiralrear end
rear entrancerear entryrear guardrear specialist
rearyrebelrecast malereceding hairline
receive holy communionreceiver generalreceiving chamberreceiving set
receptive pudendumreckyRecombivax HBrecreational sex
rectatimRector of the Femalesrectouterine excavationrectouterine pouch
red acered baronred capred dog on a white horse
red eyered flag, thered hot pokerred lane
red lighteriered lobsterred ragred sails in the sunset
red scatterRed Seared sisterred snapper
red tummy achered wingsred-applerred-assed
red-haired visitorred-hotred-lightred-light districk
red-light housered-light sisterred-light workerred-lighter
redcapredingote d'Angleterreredneckredneck foreplay
ree-langersreel in the biscuitreeling in the fishregular trick
regurgitaterehearsing lullabiesrehitchrehitched
relaxation rubdownrelease onerelief massagerelieve oneself
relieving tensionrenegadereno-itReno-vate
Reno-vationrenokayrenorushrenounce bachelorhood
rent boyrent girlrent-a-body businessrenter
rentsreproducingreproductive fluidreproductive freedom
reproductive healthreproductive organsreproductive responsabilityreputation
respectable whorerest and be thankfulretchretie the knot
retreat to one's sanctum sanctoriumretreat to the holy of holiesretrograde urethrogramreturning to sender
revereReverend KnoxReverend Ronald Knoxreverse anal cowgirl
reverse cleavagereverse cowgirlreverse diarrheaRFD
rib cushionsrib-jointribaldribald gent
rice puddingrich cream sauceRichardRichard the Third
rickety-rawRIDrideride a blind piece
ride a rantipoleride rantipoleride Saint Georgeride sidesaddle
ride St. Georgeride the cotton mouseride the cotton ponyride the curl
ride the deckride the great white knucklerride the hobby horseride the porcelain bus
ride the porcelain Hondaride the ragride the red horseride the silver steed
ride the spikeride the tubespoutride the tubsputride the wild pony
ride up the dirt roadriderridersrides a bicycle
riding barebackriding cropriding in another mans saddleriding jacket
riding St. Georgeriding the baloney ponyriding the bitch's seatriding the clitoris-saurus
riding the cotton bicycleriding the crimson waveriding the elephant trunk of joyriding the great white knuckler
riding the nagriding the ragriding the unicycleriding the waterslide
riding the wild handriflerigrig a jig
right hip pocketright of the first nightright sortright-handed
rigid digitrim jobrim queenrim slide
rinctumringring around the roseyring for the maid
ring her bellring snatcherring snatchingring someone's bell
ring someone's chimesring the chimesring the stork bellring-tail
ringbarkedringing for the elevatorringing southern bellsringpiece
Rino Tamariprip her guts downrip off
rip off a quick pieceripperrise in the Levisrise, a
rising beautiesrisquéritarites of love
rites of springrites of VenusritzyRM
roach and daceRoachesRoachiesroad
road gameroad kidroad less traveledroad queen
road to a christeningroad up for repairroarerroaring horn
roaring jackroasting chestnutsrob the cradlerob the ruffian
Rocherockrock (someone's) worldrock and roll
rock formationrock pythonrock whorerocket
rocket socketrocking chairrocking the little man in the boatrocks
rocks and bouldersrocks offrocky roadrocky roading
rodrod of loverod-onrod-walloping
roerogerRoger the Lodgerrogering
rogueRohypnolrollroll in the hay
roll one's eyes atroll the rollsroll-dogroller
rolliesrollingrolling aboutrolling pin
rolling the doughrolling the fleshy bluntrolling the minkrolling your own
rollocksrollsroly-polyRoman candle
Roman engagementRoman helmet rumbaRoman historianRoman night
romanceromancing Lady Five Fingersromancing the boneromancing the rose
romancing thy ownromantic affairromantosexualromantricks
RomeoRomeo and himselfrompromping
roosterrootroot dykeroot suit
roping the long hornroping the ponyroping the poperoploplos
Rory O'Moreroscasroserose among thorns
rose between two thornsrosebudrosebudsrosebush
rosesroses and rapturesroseyRosy O'More
rosy palmedrosy red reproductive rodroto-rooterrotten crotch
rough-riderrough-ridingrough-traderoughing up the suspect
round houseround outround pussyround the world
roundersroundheadroundheelroundheeled gal
routroute 69route sixty-nineroving eye
row the little man in the boatrowing the boatroyal bunsroyal fucking, a
royal jellyroyal jewelsrozzerRR
RR 1RR 2RR 3rub
rub belliesrub freakrub groins togetherrub it off
rub leatherrub offrub off by handrub offal
rub one outrub parlorrub the (little) headrub the knob
rub the magic lamprub the radishrub the tubrub up
rub your cooze 'til you oozerub-a-dubrub-a-tug shoprub-belly
rubadubrubberrubber bootsrubber cooky
rubber duckrubber duckyrubber flexesrubber goods
rubber Johnnyrubber neckingrubber queenrubber sock
rubber tirerubbin nubbinrubbing baconsrubbing one out
rubbing the donutrubbing the love nubbinrubbing the magic one-eyed wonder weaselrubbing the nub
rubbing the nubbinrubbing the pink eraserrubbing the red pussycatrubbing the rod
rubbing ugliesrubbinsRubenesquerubies
rubigoruby roserubyfruitrubyfruit jungle
rudderrude bitsrude partsruff the muff
ruffianRuffiesrugrug muncher
rug ratruin the rugrule of abstinencerule of three
rumrum blowenrum doxyrum mort
rumblerumble seatrumbusticaterummage
rumprump workrump-rangerrump-shaker
rump-splitterrump-splittingrumpal moundsrumper
rumple foreskinrumporumpty-tumptyrumpus
rumpus delectirumpyrumpy-bumpyrumpy-pumpy
run a batchrun a temp overrun a temperaturerun a temperature over
run afterrun offrun off by handrun one's eyes over
run one's hand up the flagpolerun out of bulletsrun to seedrun up the pressure
run with the worldrunciblerunning a temperaturerunning down the game
running off a batch by handrunning Peter through two-a-daysrunning the 100-yard dashrunning the cheeta
running the whack-a-thonruns, theruntsRupert
Rural RouteRural Route 1Rural Route 2Rural Route 3
rush the canRussianRussian artsRussian culture
Russian duckRussian salad partyrustyrusty bullethole
rusty washerrusty waterrusty-dustyrutter
ruttingrutting timeruttishrutty

Words in the Dictionary of the "F" Word starting with the letter R
R.A.F.rat fuckREMFRFF
roasted duckroyal fucking, aRTFMrubber duck
Russian duck

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