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Abbreviation for masculine-quotient , another word for masculine sex-appeal . For a while, in the 1980s, the letter Q was tagged to acronyms to refer to the appealability of a person, their power of attracting or of arousing interest. In the movie Protocol (1984) Cliff De Young is looking for: ' Someone who's reasonably good-natured, has a reasonably high TVQ, and absolutely nothing important to do .'

SYNONYMS: masculine-quotient ; X-appeal .


(1) Reporter Jake Callahan (Lynne Overman) about sleazy lawyer Billy Flynn (Adolphe Menjou) in Roxie Hart (1942): ' Sex appeal rises from him like a cloud of steam .'

(2) Dorinda Durston (Holly Hunter) speaking about Ted Baker (Brad Johnson) in Always (1989): ' He's too beautiful. He's too much twisted steel and sex-appeal . I can't be with a guy who looks like I won him in a raffle .'

See Also: masculine quotient, X-appeal

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