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1. Having a pleasant, friendly and agreeable disposition; good-natured and likable.

2. Being friendly , cordial, sociable, congenial; disposed to please.
Synonyms: affable; agreeable; amicable; attractive ; benign; breezy; buddy-buddy; charming; cheerful; clubby; complaisant; convivial; cool ; copacetic; cordial; cozy; delightful; downright neighborly; easy; engaging; friendly ; genial; good-humored; good-natured; gracious; home-cooking ; kind; kindly; lenient; lovable ; mellow; mild; obliging; palsy-walsy ; personable; pleasant; pleasing; princely; pussycat ; responsive; right; righteous; sociable; sweet-tempered; swell; tight; warm; warmhearted; well-behaved; winning.

3. Obsolete in the sense of lovely or lovable .

See Also: pussycat

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