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1. Inclined toward, strongly moved by, or disposed to love , especially sexual love ; having a propensity to love or to sexual enjoyment. Webster's New World College Dictionary : 'Full of love or fond-of making-love .'

2. Affected with love ; in-love ; full of love ; enamored . See love for synonyms.

3. Indicative of love .

4. Expressing or pertaining to love , sexual-desire , or sexual loving .
Synonyms: amative ; amatory ; aphrodisiac; ardent; attached; boy crazy; doting; enamored ; erotic ; fond; girl crazy; have-a-crush-on ; horny ; hot ; hot and heavy; impassioned ; infatuated ; in-love ; lovesick ; lovey dovey; loving ; lustful ; passionate ; romantic; sexy ; sweet for; sweet-on ; tender; turned-on .

See Also: adelophilia, affair of the heart, amative, amorous rites, bambi, bambi sex, boy-crazy, buttock ball, buttock jig, buttock stirring, cast sheep's eyes, cupidinous, delusional jealousy, fancy-free, feeling gay, flirtatious, flirtatious eyes, fool for dames, a, friendly with, full of fuck, girl-crazy, have a dame complex, have flapperitis, Kama Sutra, leer, letch, love affair, lovesome, make goo-goo eyes, make sheep's eyes, melting moments, mushy, O.O, oeillade, panderage, pandering, panderism, pash eye, piece, riding St. George, romantic affair, sheep's eyes, snog, spoon, two-handed put

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