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1. Unattached; free from amorous or marital commitment; free to fall in-love .
Synonyms: available ; catchable ; haveable ; heart-free ; heart-whole ; in-circulation ; on-the-make ; unattached ; unsmitten; up-for-grabs .

2. Carefree; free from worry; free from commitments.

See Also: abacterial, absolute divorce, athletic supporter, available, bohemian, Bohemian love, carsey, catchable, clean, crystal palace, diked out, eligible, fancy, fancy-free, freebie, gender-free language, glass asshole, go for, haveable, heart-free, heart-whole, ice palace, in circulation, lingerie lass, pavement princess, pre-woman, tickle your fancy, unattached, up for grabs, woman of size, womanist

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