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1. Pertaining to marriage :
SYNONYMS: conjugal ; connubial ; hymeneal ; married ; matrimonial ; nuptial; spousal; wedded ; bridal.

2. Of or pertaining to a husband .

See Also: abandonment (of a spouse), adult novelties, adulterous affair, adultery, apistia, ball and chain, batch night, bed-swerver, bedswerver, conjugal, conjugal relations, conjugal rites, connubial, connubial pleasures, connubial relations, desertion, devitalized relationship, fancy-free, have a roving eye, hymeneal, itchy feet, marital aids, marital devices, matrimonial, open marriage, passion pit, roving eye, saving it, sex aids, sex toys, sexual aid, trial marriage, wank tank, wear the ring

Quotes Containing marital:
Elaine Navazio (Sally Kellerman) and Barney Cashman (Alan Arkin) in Last of the Red Hot Lovers (1972). Elaine is Barney''s first of three unsuccessful attempts at middle-age, extra-marital sex . - Elaine:''Is it possible that you''re actually as cold as you sound?'' - Barney:''I need gloves to take off my underwear .'' - Elaine: ''Flippant, wise and cold . You don''t permit yourself to be honest and open for a minute, do you?'' - Barney:''Barney, I''m gonna give you one free hint so the afternoon isn''t a total write off . If you want undying love and romance , take a guitar and go to Spain. I''m leaving for good. My peek has ebbed.'' - Elaine: ''Cold, callous and unemotional.'' - Barney:''Those are my attorneys. You know where to get in touch with me.''
Rebecca Trager Lott (Elizabeth Perkins), Alberta Russell (Kathleen Turner), Sylvie Morrow (Whoopi Goldberg), Alberta and Rebecca again in Moonlight and Valentino (1995): - Rebecca: 'I just realized that we have all kinds of womanhood here right now. We have a single-woman , a married-woman , a divorced woman and of course the ever present widow.' - Alberta: 'These are just words that describe your marital status, not womanhood . I don't think you ought to describe yourself in that-way , Rebecca.' - Sylvie: 'Why not?' - Alberta: 'Because it implies that we change ourselves around men. I mean, we are who we are irrespective of the company we keep.' - Rebecca: 'Hmm, hmm, which is why ever since some painter screamed for his idot dog with his stupid name we have been unable to utter one intelligent word.'

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