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1. The state or time of being a woman ; female maturity.


(1) Lena Yakushova 'Ninotchka' ( Greta Garbo ) to the Russian trade delegates Buljanoff, Iranoff and Kopalski in Ninotchka
See Also: personhood

Quotes Containing womanhood:
Rebecca Trager Lott (Elizabeth Perkins), Alberta Russell (Kathleen Turner), Sylvie Morrow (Whoopi Goldberg), Alberta and Rebecca again in Moonlight and Valentino (1995): - Rebecca: 'I just realized that we have all kinds of womanhood here right now. We have a single-woman , a married-woman , a divorced woman and of course the ever present widow.' - Alberta: 'These are just words that describe your marital status, not womanhood . I don't think you ought to describe yourself in that-way , Rebecca.' - Sylvie: 'Why not?' - Alberta: 'Because it implies that we change ourselves around men. I mean, we are who we are irrespective of the company we keep.' - Rebecca: 'Hmm, hmm, which is why ever since some painter screamed for his idot dog with his stupid name we have been unable to utter one intelligent word.'
Lena Yakushova 'Ninotchka' (Greta Garbo) to the Russian trade delegates Buljanoff, Iranoff and Kopalski in Ninotchka (1939): 'Don't make an issue of my womanhood .' In the 1957 musical remake entitled Silk Stockings (1957) Fred Astaire answers Cyd Charisse with: 'Please don't say that. I was looking forward to it .'
Gittel (Shirley MacLaine) and Gerry (Robert Mitchum) in Two for the Seesaw (1962): - Gittel: 'Do you think I'm too fat?' - Gerry: 'Good heavens, no .' - Gittel: 'Do you think I'm too skinny?' - Gerry: 'I think you're a sacred vessel of womanhood .' - Gittel: 'Sexy as all get up , hmm?' - Gerry: 'Well put. - Gittel: 'Do you think I'm too sexy? I mean oversexed?' - Gerry: 'Well, I think your kind of a mixed up vessel. Calmly considered I'd say your bottom was tops. ' - Gittel: 'Oh, some vessel! I sound like a shipwreck.'

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