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A sexually aggressive male; a man with a consuming interest in women and forever on the scent; a lecherous or promiscuous man . See philanderer for synonyms.
See Also: basher, big dame hunter, birds-nester, buttonhole worker, carnalite, cat, chick-chaser, chicken-fancier, chippy-chaser, clapster, cock hound, cock-artist, cockaman, cocksmith, coisman, Corinthian, crack hunter, cranny hunter, faggoteer, femme follower, fleece hunter, flirtee, fuckster, girl-chaser, hit-and-runner, it-chaser, king of clubs, knave of hearts, lady's man, lady-chaser, love pirate, love thief, make-out artist, man-eater, moll hunter, mutton-monger, muttoner, passionate pilgrim, pick-up artist, playboy, poon hound, predator, quiff hunter, sugar-chaser, tomcat, tummy-tickler, yentzer

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