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1. Characterized by a lack of discrimination in the choice of sexual partners.
SYNONYMS: abandoned; bowlegged ; crackish ; debauched; dissipated ; dissolute ; easy; fast; horizontally-accessible ; immoral ; loose ; indiscriminate; indiscriminately sexually active ; indiscriminating; lascivious ; lax; lecherous ; libertine ; licentious ; loose-bodied ; loose-gowmed; loose-hilted ; loose-legged ; of easy-virtue ; oversexed ; profligate ; promiscuous; scankie ; sexually easy; sexually loose ; skanky ; unbridled; unchaste; undiscriminating; unrestrained; wanton ; whorish ; wild.

2. Engaging in sexual-intercourse indiscriminately or with many persons.

3. To be promiscuous , to search promiscuously for sexual partners or to engage in indiscriminate sexual activity.
SYNONYMS: cat-around ; chippy-around ; fan-one's-ass ; fan-one's-pussy ; fart-around ; fool around; fuck-around ; fuzz-around ; go-wenching ; go-womanizing ; horse-around ; hump-'em-and-dump-'em ; jack-around ; jazz-around ; mess-about ; mess-around ; monkey-about ; muck-around ; perv-about ; perv-around ; philander ; plant the some (wild) oats; play around; play-games-with ; play-the-field ; play-checkers ; put-it-about ; screw-around ; scutz-around ; shoot-the-thrills; sleep-around ; sow-one's-wild-oats ; tomcat ; tomcating ; tramp ; whore .
See also: philanderer ; playgirl .


(1) Rajah (Nigel de Brulier) and Tira (Mae West) in I'm no Angel (1933):
-- Rajah: ' I see a wonderful future. I see a man in your life .'
-- Tira: ' What, only one? '

(2) Tira (Mae West) and her maid in I'm No Angel (1933):
-- Maid: ' I was under the impression you were a one-man woman .'
-- Tira: ' I am. One man at a time .'

(3) Tira (Mae West) in I'm No Angel (1933): ' I'm no angel but I've spread my wings a bit .'

(4) Jack Clayton (Cary Grant) and Tira (Mae West) in I'm No Angel (1933):
-- Jack: ' If only I could trust you .'
-- Tira: ' Hundreds have .'

(5) Captain Cummings (Cary Grant) and Lady Lou (Mae West) in She Done Him Wrong (1933):
-- Captain: ' Haven't you ever met a man who could make you happy? '
-- Lady Lou: ' Sure, lots of times .'

(6) Ruby Carter's (Mae West) answer to a group of admirers in Belle of the Nineties (1934):
-- Admirer: ' May we ask what types of men you prefer? '
-- Ruby Carter: ' Just two: domestic and foreign .'

(7) Cleo Borden (Mae West) in Goin' to Town (1935):
-- Cloe: ' For a long time I was ashamed of the way I lived .'
-- Friend: ' You mean to say you reformed? '
-- Cleo: ' No, I got over being ashamed .'

(8) Mavis Arden (Mae West) in Go West, Young Man (1936): ' Men are my life .'

(9) Knobby (Larry Mintz), the barman, to Bernice (Whoopi Goldberg) about a womanizer who frequented his bar in Burglar (1987): ' The guy had-more-ass-than-a-toilet-seat .'

(10) Barmaid Sal (Lynnie Godfrey) to her friend V.I. Warshawski (Kathleen Turner) who has Murray troubles in V.I. Warshawski (1991): 'The man is a slut . We know this. Have libido , will travel .'

(11) Carrie/Caroline (Andie MacDowell) telling Charles (Hugh Grant) that she's had 33 lovers in her life (he was # 32) in Four Weddings and a Funeral (1993): ' So, there you go. Less than Madonna and more than Princess Di, I hope .'

(12) John Boys (James LeGros) to his promiscuous girlfriend Jessica (Lisa Zane) in Floundering (1994): ' Sex is like a handshake to you .'

See Also: 4-F-er, a piece of ass, a piece of calico, a piece of fluff, a piece of goods, a piece of meat, a piece of patch, a piece of skirt, a piece of snatch, a piece of stuff, a piece of tail, a screamer and a creamer, alley cat, alligator, animal, anything in trousers, anything on two legs, apron knight, ass hound, ass man, bad woman, band rat, bangs like a bunny, bangs like a tappet, bar girl, basher, beastess, beastette, beaver-retriever, bed bunny, bed hopper, bedbug, beddy, belly ass, belly-buster, belt-fed mortar, bicycle, biffer, big dame hunter, big twenty, bike, bimmy, bird's nester, biscuit, bit of cunt, blister, Bluebeard, boiler, bopper, box of assorted creams, bum fiddler, bum tickler, butter, button-loose, buttonhole worker, carnalite, carpenters dream, cavaulter, ceiling inspector, charity dame, charity girl, charity moll, chauverer, chauvering-cove, cheap, chick-chaser, chicken head, chimney sweep, chippie, chippy, chippy around, cinch, clap trap, claptrap, cleaver, clit hopper, cock hound, cock-happy, cock-tail, cockhound, cocksman, cocksmith, come-freak, coming wench, coming woman, common shore, common woman, community chest, cooch, coot, cooz(e), coozey, coozy, Corinthian, cuddle bunny, cum-freak, cuzzie, dangerous curve, dead cert, dead easy, devilette, diddler, dirt bag, dirty leg, dog with two dicks, Don Juaness, doxy, drive-thru, dunkie, eager beaver, easy lay, easy make, easy mark, easy meat, easy pick-up, easy ride, easy rider, easy woman, faloosie, fancy girl, fancy lady, farmer's lady, fast chick, fast girl, fast lady, fast stepper, fast woman, fastie, figure-maker, fish-monger, fizgig, flesh fly, fleshpot, flirt girl, flirtigiggs, floozy, fluzie, forbidden fruit eater, fornicate, fornicatress, fox hunter, frail flossie, free for all, fuck bunny, fuck princess, fuck rag, fucks anything on two legs, fucks anything with a hole in it, fucks trucks, fuckster, futz around, gamecock, gap-stopper, gash hound, gay house, gay in the legs, gaying instrument, get more ass than a toilet seat, gets more ass than a toilet seat, gigsy, gill flurt, gin-and-fuck-it, girl-chaser, give-and-take girl, give-and-taker, gixie, glutton, glutz, goer, grass-back, grind, grousegrunt, grouser, gully-raker, had more ass than a toilet seat, hair monger, hard baby, hard-boiled baby, hard-boiler, hat rack, have a reputation, have more pricks than a second-hand dart-board, hay bag, head hunter, hey-hey hussy, high priest of Paphos, high stepper, hit and run guy, hit-and-runner, hobbler, hobby horse, hobeast, holer, hoochie, hoodrat, hootchie, hopped-up job, horizontally accessible, horn-dog, horny hussy, horseman, hose, hose monster, hosebag, hot bod, hot bot, hot box, hot funky, hot lay, hot number, hot pants, hot-arsed, hot-assed woman, hound dog, humper, hungry girl, immoral girl, it-chaser, jilt, john among the maids, jumbler, kleenex, knocker, ladies' tailor, lady of easy virtue, lady of the town, lady-chaser, lead-pipe cinch, leather stretcher, leg-lifter, lewd woman, lift a leg, lift skirts, light lady, light skirts, light woman, Little Miss Roundheels, loose kirtle, loose lady, loose lips, loose skirts, loose woman, loose-bodied woman, loose-gowned woman, loose-hilted woman, loose-legged woman, loose-love lady, low heel(s), low rent, low road, lowie, lust dog, lusty-guts, Mademoizook, main avenue, make-out artist, maker, man chaser, man-eater, meat hound, meat-monger, Merry Magdalene, merry-legged, mespot, Messalina complex, Messalina syndrome, moll hunter, motorcycle, Mr. Horner, mucky duck, mucky pup, mutton-monger, muttoner, naughty girl, naughty lady, Naughty Nellie, nimble-hipped, no better than she ought to be, nymph, nymphet, office bike, office pump, old goat, omnibus, oncer, open-ass, overnight bag, paraffin lamp, paraphin lamp, parnel, party girl, peach, perfect lady, pick-up artist, piece of ass, piece of calico, piece of fluff, piece of goods, piece of meat, piece of patch, piece of skirt, piece of snatch, piece of stuff, piece of tail, pig, pig-meat, placket, plant one's wild oats, plant the oats, plant wild oats, player, playmate, plaything, pleaser, plooch, ploot, poll, polly, poon hound, popover, predator, prigger, promiscuous, punch, punchboard, push-over, pushover, puts out, quail hunter, quiff, quim, quim-sticker, rabbit pie, rake, ranger, raver, ribald gent, road, rooster, rounder, roundheel, roundheeled gal, roundheeler, roundheels, rump-splitter, rutter, scank, Scarlet Harlot, scarlet lady, scarlet sister, scarlet woman, scorekeeper, screamer and creamer, scrubber, scrunch, scunt, scupper, scuzz, sex job, sex pot, sexer, sexpot, shack job, shack-up, shag artist, shag-bag, shagnasty, shed, short heels, short-heeled wench, skank, skankskeever, sketell, slag, slapper, slatterpiece, sleaze, sleepy-time girl, slich, slitch, slotted job, slutty, smell-smock, smockster, smut-slut, sniffer, snow bunny, Solomon, son of Venus, sow one's wild oats, sow some wild oats, speed-dame, speedster, speedy sister, sperminator, split-ass, split-mutton, split-tail, sport model, sportsman, steamer, stickman, strollop, strumpet, sure thing, sweat hog, swift baby, swiftie, tart, tartlet, thorough-good-natured wench, tib, tickle-tail, tickle-toby, tired-old queen, tired-old thing, tomato, tomcat with three balls, tomrig, tootsie, tootsy, totty, town b, town bike, town pump, town punch, town tramp, tramp, trixie, trollymog, trot, tube, tug-mutton, tummy-tickler, two-mama papa, village bicycle, village bike, wagtail, wanton, wanton woman, well up for it, wencher, wet deck(s), whisker splitter, whoredom, whorella, whoring, whorish, woman of accomodating morals, woman of easy morals, woman of easy virtue, woman of loose morals, woman with roundheels, woman-chaser, womanizer, yo-yo knickers, zipper-moraled Suzie

Quotes Containing promiscuous:
''Sex is like a handshake to you.'' John Boys (James LeGros) to his promiscuous girlfriend Jessica (Lisa Zane) in Floundering (1994)
''Sex is like a handshake to you.'' John Boys (James LeGros) to his promiscuous girlfriend Jessica (Lisa Zane) in Floundering (1994)
John Boys (James LeGros) thinking of his promiscuous girlfriend Jessica (Lisa Zane) in Floundering (1994): ''If you want someone to fulfill an image and they don''t you are eventually going to have a big, big problem with who they really are. I thought true-love conquered all. That''s the supreme fiction. If you walk into a room and find yourself instantly attracted to someone there, get the fuck-out of that room because that is the wrong person for you.''

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