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1. To seduce from chastity ; to lead away from virtue or excellence; to corrupt morally; to corrupt by sensuality.
Synonyms: abuse ; bastardize; bestialize; betray; brutalize; debase; defile; deflower ; demoralize; fornicate ; fraternize ; go bad ; go to hell ; intrigue ; inveigle; lead astray; live in the gutter ; lure; make unclean; pervert ; pollute ; ravish ; ruin; seduce; smirch; subvert; tempt; violate; vitiate; warp.

2. To seduce a person into sexual promiscuity or prostitution .
Synonyms: make a whore of; prostitute .

3. To deflower a virgin . See deflower for synonyms.

See Also: artichoke, dissipated, keep it up

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