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Given to or characterized by lechery ; given to or indulging in lustful pleasures.

ETYMOLOGY: From Old French lécheor, a glutton or libertine or from lécher , to lick .

See Also: alley cat, ass hound, ass man, basher, beaver-retriever, bed-presser, belly-buster, Bluebeard, buck fitch, bum fiddler, bum tickler, button-loose, carnalite, chauverer, chauvering-cove, chimney sweep, cock hound, cocksman, cocksmith, eager beaver, figure-maker, fish-monger, flesh fly, forbidden fruit eater, fox hunter, gamecock, gap-stopper, gash hound, glutton, goat, goatish, grouser, gully-raker, gutter limits, hair monger, head hunter, high priest of Paphos, holer, horn-dog, horseman, hot pants, hound dog, it-chaser, jumbler, knocker, ladies' tailor, leather stretcher, lecher, leer, leg-lifter, lickerish, lubricious, lusty-guts, meat hound, Mr. Horner, mucky duck, mucky pup, mutton-monger, muttoner, old goat, parlour snake, pick-up artist, poon hound, predator, prigger, quail hunter, quim-sticker, rake, randy, ribald gent, rooster, rounder, rump-splitter, rutter, shag artist, smell-smock, smockster, son of Venus, sperminator, sportsman, town bull, town Johnny, town rake, tug-mutton, wencher, whisker splitter, woman-chaser, womanizer

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