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1. Originally, the character of Barbe Bleue in a French novel by Charles Perrault (1628-1703) who marries seven women and then murders them.2. Or: bluebeard , a womanizer , a lecherous or promiscuous man . See philanderer for synonyms.

3. Or: bluebeard , a man who murders his wife or wives.

4. A penis , to be hidden into Bluebeard's-closet , the vagina . See penis for synonyms.

See Also: Bluebeard, Bluebeard's closet, innuendo, lovemaking

Quotes Containing Bluebeard:
Nicole L''Oiselle (Claudette Colbert) toasting her reconciliation with her husband Michael Brandon (Gary Cooper) in Bluebeard''s Eight Wife (1938): - Nicole: ''Here''s to our agreement: no love-making, no quarrels.'' - Michael:''Just like an ordinary married couple .'' - Nicole:''I said no quarrels.''

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