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1. Homosexual; gay ; as opposed to right-handed , heterosexual .

2. Clumsy; awkward ; crooked; unorthodox.

3. Morganatic; of, relating to a morganatic marriage .
SEE ALSO: left-handed-wife .

See Also: ambidextrous, aspen leaf, bone out, bubby heaters, campfire girl, carpopedal spasm, darbies, depilation, dextrocardia, doing handiwork, drop anchor down the booby hutch, drop anchor in the bubby hutch, five of clubs, forks, full house, girl scout, Han Solo, hand gig, hand jig, hand jive, hand job, hand-made, hand-raised, hand-reared, handmade, hard labor, healers, heterosexism, Hidden Bite, hits both ways, left-handed, left-handed wife, levophobia, Line of Jewels, log in, manometer, masturbate, OTOH, petting, raising Lazarus from the dead, right-handed, swing both ways, swings both ways, switch-hitter, tactus, toss cups, wanking spanners

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