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1. Of a male, to copulate (with) a woman or to deflower a virgin . This is one of many androcentric, phallocentric terms for copulation viewed as a form of aggression or punishment to be inflicted on women. See copulation and deflower for synonyms.

2. A woman perceived either as a sex-object .

3. Or: punchboard / town-punch , a promiscuous woman . See playgirl for synonyms.

See Also: backup, butt sniper, office bike, office pump, poonce, punce, punch, punch house, punse, town bike, town pump, town punch, town tramp

Quotes Containing punch:
Charles Panati. Sexy Origins and Intimate Things (1998): ''Linguists are not certain why "bitch " passed from being a benign word, often an endearment, to a taboo. Some theorize that its explosive sound made it ideal for firing off as a slur. The psycholinguistics of all curse words require that they carry maximal energy on minimal sound, a spiked waveform characteristic of consonants. This gives the word energetic punch , making-it ''''explosive. The word "bitch " was first recorded as a verb, "to chronically complain about something", in 1823.''

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