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1. British colloquialism for, originally, a small pie , a jam tart (a sweet young thing)and later a term of endearment, in the 19 th century, for an attractive woman or sweetheart .

2. Today, a disparaging appellation for a tease , a promiscuous woman , or a prostitute . See playgirl and prostitute for synonyms.

3. Gaylese for an unrestrained homosexual .

4. To tart oneself up , to put make-up on .

5. To get tarted up , to put on new clothes and makeup .

See Also: anal exudate, bart, Bronx cheer, Carmen(cita), debutart, freejack, hot enchilada, hot tamale, jam-tart, joto, Mexicali Rose, Miss Morales, Spanish Rose, tart, Tijuana queen, tonsil hockey, trat

Quotes Containing tart:
Edwina Cutwater (Lily Tomlin) and Roger Cobb (Steve Martin) sharing the same body in All of Me (1984): - Edwina: 'What's so important about sex?' - Roger: 'That's like saying: what's so important about laughing or Duke Ellington or the World Series? It's one-of-those things that makes you feel like you're really living, like you're glad to be alive.' - Edwina: 'I am already glad to be alive. I don't need to play-tonsil-hockey with some English tart to feel good.'

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