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1.The vagina . See vagina for synonyms.

2. A woman regarded as a sex-object .

3. Or: piece of pie , a woman reputed to be easily accessible and sexually obliging. See playgirl for synonyms.

4. The phallocentric male phrase: ' introduce-the-captain-to-his-pie ' means to penetrate the vagina with the penis , hence to copulate (with) a woman .

See Also: break open the pie, brown eye, cherry, cherry ripe, eat fur pie, eat hair pie, eat muff pie, fur pie, hair pie, hairy pie, Miss Tijuana, muff pie, net pornography, pie, pieface, senoreater, sweetie, tart,

Quotes Containing pie:
Stanley (Dudley Moore) to Gloria (Goldie Hawn) in Foul Play (1978): ''Thank you pussy-pie''.
Stanley (Dudley Moore) to Gloria (Goldie Hawn) in Foul Play (1978): ''Thank you pussy-pie''.
Stiflern (Sean William) in American Pie (1999): ''I say, why don''t you guys locate your dicks, remove the shrink wrap, and fucking use them!''

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