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amyl nitrite:

Synthetic hallucinogen; a muscle-relaxant and vasodilator drug believed to be an aphrodisiac or sex enhancer by those who inhale it to prolong and intensify the experience of orgasm . By relaxing the smooth muscles of the vascular system it causes a momentary rush due , primarily, to oxygen depravation to the brain; it also inhibits ejaculation thus prolonging intercourse and orgasm , and relaxes the vaginal and anal-sphincters. Often sold in small, breakable, gas-filled ampoules, the effects last from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Although this drug is currently controlled in the U.S.A., the designer variants: butyl-nitrite , isobutyl nitrite, and cyclohexyl nitrite, are still available in some States.

Street names: amy; amies ; aimless-amy ; oisies; aroma of man ; banana-splits (odor of overripe bananas); blue-angel ; bullet; butyl nitrate; Dr.-Bananas ; head-cleaner ; Jac-blaster ; locker room; sniff; poppers ; popsies ; snapper ; whiffenpopper .

See Also: aimless amy, amies, amyl queen, banana splits, blue angel, butyl nitrite, crackers, Dr. Bananas, head cleaner, Jac blaster, poppers, popsies, snappers, sniff queen, whiffenpopper

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