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Informal British term for the coccyx , the small triangular bone at the base of the spinal column just above the ass crevice .
See Also: A double S, a piece of luggage, A-double scribble, a.s.s., adolescent growth spurt, after part, afternoon, aris, arse, arse bandit, arse over tit, arse-bone, arse-fuck, arse-wedge, arsecons, arsehole, arseplay, arsy-tarvy, ass about, ass around, ass in a sling, ass-a-holic, ass-bone, ass-wedge, assaroonie, azz, B.A., back part, back seat, backhand drive, backland, backs, bahookie, baked alaska, ballinocack, bare-assed, base over apex, bass ackwards, batti, batty boy, battybwoy, battyman, beauns, beautocks, Big A, the, blind cupid, bom, bomb bay, bombosity, bomsey, bone, bone in the bum, bone the bum, bone-on, bone-up, boogie butt, booty-shot, bosom of the pants, botsy, bottle and glass, bottle-ass, boxey, brandy, broad in the beam, broad-beamed, broad-gauge(d), bug up the ass, bumbo, bun-boogie, bunchy, bunt, callipygette, candy-assed, canetta, canister set, chips, coccyx, corybungo, crus of the clitoris, crus penis, cucumber queen, culo, dokus, duck-butt, duff, dummock, duster, eenob, English muffins, enob, European accentuation, fat-ass, flankey, fundillo, gatees, gazeet, gluteal region, Greek side, hamhocks, hang a b.a., haunches, hear the call, hernandies, hill-locks, hind end, hindquarters, Hinterland, honey rolls, hot cross buns, hot pockeroo, ilium, jump bones, jump someone's bones, kab edis, kingdom come, lard, lard ass, late back, the, latter end, latter part, lower back, male tale, manbone, mottob, nachas, naka-nake, ninan, okole-mas, Póg mo thón, P.T.A., parking place, part that went over the fence last, the, patellas, pellin, piece of luggage, play the bones, podex, popo, posterior, posteriora, postern, potcharooney, pubis, rear guard, red-assed, rim queen, rolls, rosey, rum, rumble seat, rumpus, rumpus delecti, rusty-dusty, satchel butt, set of cakes, set of pears, set-down, sit-down, sit-me-down, sit-upon(s), sitting room, sitzbein, soft peat, south side, south-end, squat, squatter, stern, Sunday face, T.L., tail bone, tail end, tockus, tokis, tokus, tooky, touch bone and whistle, touch the bun for luck, unass, velcro arse, visiting the wookie, wang bone, warm bottom, wedge, wedge bone, western end, whang bone, whatass, where the sun doesn't shine, where the sun never shines, wink the brown eye

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