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awful-wedded wife:

Jocular rewording of lawful-wedded wife . See wife for synonyms.
See Also: accept a proposal, awful-wedded wife, become houseproud, become man and wife, bestow one's hand, bit of tripe, blood of the first night, blushing bride, bother and strife, break one's elbow at the church, carving knife, chief cook and bottle washer, chief of staff, china plate, comfortable importance, commit merger, cow and kisses, cows and kisses, crooked rib, dead weight, do the altar thing, do the Mendelssohn March, dough-beater, drum and fife, Duchess of Fife, fork and knife, get bundled, get exclusive rights to, get in double harness, get it sealed, get parsoned, get welded, give oneself in marriage, give up one's freedom, go over the deep end, golf widow, gray mare, groom it, half-widow, have it tied, have the knot knotted, head cook and bottle washer, help-spend, hen-pecker, hitch horses, hot-water bag, hyphenate, join the household brigade, joy of my life, kicksy-wicksy, lawful jam, lawful wife, married woman, marry oneself to, missis, Mr. and Mrs. it, Ms. Right, newly-weds, old bubble, old Dutch, old noose, people-in-law, plates and dishes, plight one's troth, poker breaker, put on the (old) noose, put on the ball and chain, put on the double act, quit the single state, say I do, sergeant major, shotgun marriage, slave driver, spouse, spouse and strife, squawking half, struggle and strife, Sunday widow, tackle, take the final step, take the high dive, take the vows, tie the knot (that binds), tie up with, trouble and strife, walk down the aisle, walk down the middle aisle, walk the middle aisle, war and strife, War Department, wearer of the breeches, wearer of the pants, weddiversary, woman of the house, worry and strife

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