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In swinging (specifically in wife swapping), describes a wife willing to have-sex-with male or female partners. This term was found on the Internet and was possibly coined by web pornmasters.
See Also: adelphogamy, adelphogomous, awful-wedded wife, beat it while the beating is good, beat one's time, bi, bisexual community, bit of tripe, bitter half, blushing bride, bother and strife, carving knife, cataphilist, chief cook and bottle washer, chief of staff, china plate, claim jumper, comfortable importance, copula carnalis, cow and kisses, cows and kisses, crooked rib, dead weight, deuterogamy, digamy, dough-beater, drum and fife, Duchess of Fife, fish supper, fishwife, foot warmer, fork and knife, gagger, golf widow, gray mare, half-widow, head cook and bottle washer, help-spend, hen-pecker, honey-do, hot-water bag, jack-gagger, joy of my life, kicksy-wicksy, lawful jam, lawful wife, little woman, the, married woman, mate-swapping, missis, Ms. Right, old bubble, old Dutch, old noose, other half, people-in-law, plates and dishes, poker breaker, public enemy, rides a bicycle, riding in another mans saddle, sergeant major, share bed and board, significant other, slave driver, Solomon, spouse, spouse and strife, squawking half, struggle and strife, Sunday widow, triborgasmia, trouble and strife, twat-faithful, uxoricide, uxoriosis, war and strife, War Department, wearer of the breeches, wearer of the pants, whipped, whither-go-ye, wife in watercolors, woman of the house, worry and strife

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