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big brother:

1. Or: big-daddy / little-brother , the penis . See also: little-sister .

2. A larger than average penis .

3. An erect penis . See penis for synonyms.

See Also: adelphogamy, adelphogomous, B.F.D., BBW, Betty Bouffant, BIF, big brother, big daddy, Big feet, big meat, big girl flamboyant, big legs, big love, big shit, big shot, big wheel, brer, bro, broad in the beam, broad-beamed, bub, bub and sis, BUF(F), casigamy marriage, casimeria, Frey, gib teesurbs, gib tenuck, go for in a big way, go for in a great big way, go for in large helpings, go in a big way for, haddock pastie, hirsute oyster, johns, kid brother, little brother, mount, piles, poo-bah, showboat, sisbros, sothers, warm bruder, willy wensleydale, winny-popper

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