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big game:

1. A woman who resists one's seductive powers.

2. Early 20 th century name for an older man who lavishes money and gifts on a young woman in return for companionship and/or sex or one who supports or contributes to the support of a younger woman .
Synonyms: candy-leg ; doughed-up-darling , generous-keeper ; gold-mine ; honey-man ; money-honey ; pay-papa ; pursonality-papa ; sugar-bowl ; sugar-daddy ; sugar-papa ; sugar-honey .

See Also: B.F.D., backgammon player, BBW, be on the game, Betty Bouffant, BIF, Big feet, big meat, big girl flamboyant, big legs, big love, big shit, big shot, big wheel, broad in the beam, broad-beamed, BUF(F), candy-leg, captivity, chamber combat, corsetting, doughed-up darling, game, generous keeper, gib teesurbs, gib tenuck, go for in a big way, go for in a great big way, go for in large helpings, go in a big way for, go on the game, gold mine, gold-miner, haddock pastie, hirsute oyster, honey man, in the game, in the life, money-honey, mount, on the game, pay papa, peegames, piles, poo-bah, pursonality papa, showboat, sugar bowl, sugar daddy, sugar honey, sugar papa, teacher, weekend scenario, willy wensleydale, winny-popper

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