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To be pregnant . See pregnant for synonyms.
See Also: ABP, affaire d'honneur, ankle restraint, armbinders, BFP, binding, blindfold, bondage device, breast bondage, breast torture, captive, chain, chasma, cock and ball torture, cock block, Conan, cross, crotch rope, docile, knot, merinthophobia, munch, tie that binds, the, tit bondage, tit discipline, tit torture, titty bondage, titty discipline, titty torture, vincilagnia

Quotes Containing bound:
'Oh Bob? Do I have any openings that this man could fit? (or fill?)' Empress Nympho (Madeline Kahn) asking her manservant if a new muscle-bound slave could be put to good use in History of the World - Part I (1981)

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