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1. Any type of chain, large or small, used in bondage-and-discipline or suspension scenes.

2. To bind a submissive with chains.

3. A smaller chain used in body ornamentation to connect various ring piercings.

See Also: 3-Cs, ankle cuffs, armbinders, ball and chain, ball stretcher with chain, bondage device, bonds of humiliation, breast torture, bum chain, caboose, chain, chain fuck, chain gang, chain sex, circle fuck, cocktus erectus, collar, collar and lead, cuffs, daisy, daisy chain, daisy-chainer, Ducrey's bacillus, floral arrangement, fugitive from a chain gang, Haemophilus ducreyi, hit and run guy, hit-and-runner, hood, humiliation, link-sausage, lucky Pierre, spintra, tar baby, team player, tit discipline, tit torture, titty discipline, titty torture, vincilagnia, watch and seals

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