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1. British usage for a fellow, a chap.

2. Disparaging and offensive term for a despicable or contemptible person regarded or referred to as a sodomite .

3. A sodomite , especially the active-partner , the pedicator or insertor , as opposed to the passive-partner , the receiver or pedicant. See sodomite for synonyms.

4. To perform anal-intercourse ; to sodomize . See anal-copulation for synonyms.

5. Buggers! or Bugger me! a British exclamation of surprise.

6. To persons of British birth or background, a) a pejorative and insulting vernacular: You silly bugger! or: b) a colloquial but non-derogatory term: The little bugger .
Etymology: From medieval Latin Bulgaris , Bulgars, who were regarded as a heretic people who, allegedly, practiced anal-intercourse .

See Also: botter, bug, bugger, buggers, buggers grips, buggers handles, fuck off, jiggery pokery, jobby jabber, shuntyard captain,

Quotes Containing bugger:
Anonymous: ''The sexual life of the camel is stranger than anyone thinks: One night a horny old camel attempted to bugger the sphinx. Alas, the ass of the statue was filled with the sand of the Nile, which explains the hump on the camel and the sphinx''s inscrutable smile.''

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