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A pedophile.

See Also: 18 USC CHAPTER 110, a bit of mess, abuse-dwarfism, ace lover, acknowledged father, adultism, Amantes sunt amentes, Amantium irae, amoris integratio est, amatorial, amorosa, amoroso, ampersand, anagapesis, ankle-biter, arseduke, atelia, autopaedophilia, autopedophilia, baby talk, baby-faced, bachelor's baby, bardajes, base-begotten child, base-son, basket making, bastard, belly woman, berry, big moment, billy, billy and doo, bird dog, bitch boy, blasted event, blessed event, blind love, born out of wedlock, bot, botty, brat, brother starling, bubbies' uncle, bubby heaters, bush child, bush talk, by-chop, by-scape, by-slip, canoodlers, carnal abuse, catch colt, chance child, chicken porn, child abuser, child porn, child pornography, chippy on, chuff chums, come-by-chance, companion, conditional love, cuddle birds, cuddle doves, curtain climber, cut him off, ding-dong, dippoldism, dishabillopedia, Disneyland daddy, dolly pals, dorian, double cross, double up on, double-clock, double-clocker, double-crosser, dual dildo, eye-gazer, father-to-be, fatherless, filius nullius, free holder, fruit of adultery, give up rhythm, go domestic, go head over heels, half-pint, heart team, heredity, hot spot, hot-pillow joint, hug center, illegitimate, illegitimate child, infanticide, jilt, kiddie porn, kiddy porn, kiddywinks, kipper, kiss-kiss, leg-biter, linguistic cross-dressing, little deduction, little dividend, love begotten child, love cheat, love child, love doves, love knot, love letter, love nook, lovelock, make feet for children's shoes, make feet for children's stockings, make kissy-face, make licky-face, make smacky-lips, making bishops, making feet for children's shoes, making feet for children's stockings, merry-begotten, milkshakes, mizuko-jizo, moppet, mushroom, natural child, no Casanova, no Lothario, nullipara, offspring of adultery, panty, paramour, pederast, pediaphobia, pedophobia, philogynist, play a return engagement, play doctor, pom-poms, popo, possesh, pronoun reversal, proper Casanova, a, pumping gas, puppy fat, Queen of Hearts, quick, ring-tail, rug rat, side dish, side-stroke, significant other, sinfant, slip-up, slowie, spoonies, spurious offspring, step-out-oner, stepper-outer, stepping out on, sweet mama, sweet-hot, tacker, tactus, take a whiz(z), tassel, teapot, teratophobia, Thisbe, throws a mean fuck, throws a wicked fuck, tiff, tiki, tomboy, toonkins, toonkuns, toss freaks, tree jumper, trick baby, trick-out, truelover's knot, trysting place, two-timer, wag, walkout, wank tank, whore's kitling, whore's son, whorephan, widowed aunt, winkie wankie woo, wood's colt, zoophile,

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