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Children's word for kissing. This nurseryese survives on some adult vocabularies.
See Also: alternating flame, analinctus, anatomically correct, anolinctus, anolingus, around the world, around the world in eighty ways, ass-licking, assmosis, attitudes, Australian sex, bachelor's fare, bambi, bambi sex, basiter, basitrix, basoexia, basorexia, basorgasmus, basorthosis, bill and coo, billie-coo, biting kiss, blow a kiss, body worship, BOLTOP, boodle, bottom-sucker, box tonsils, bump pelvis, buss, butterfly flutter, casual contact, cheek kiss, cheeks, cheese and kisses, cheilogusia, chew, chew it, chuck a slob, cooler, crave, creature of the night, cunniphilemia, deep kiss, dirty work at the crossroads, do a fade-out, do face time, do the grand tour, donkey kisser, double butterfly, egg McMuff, egg McMuffin, Eskimo kiss, exchange spit(s), exchanging loads, face time, fast chick, fast girl, fast lady, felching, first base, fore-pleasure, French, French kiss, French kissing, Frenchy, frog prince, fucked without getting kissed, get to first base, give some sugar, give someone some sugar, give someone the works, give tonsil-lectomy, go all the way, go around the world, go the length, go the limit, go the whole way, goo it, grand tour, gypsy's, gypsy's kiss, hang a goober, have a gypsy's, have some lip action, heavenly bliss, heck bite, hecklace, Hector's pecking, hickey, hit and miss, hit or miss, home plate, home run, hot tongue, hygrophilematous, joining faces, jowl, Kama Sutra, kiss, kiss bite, kiss of peace, kiss off, kiss-kiss, kisseltoe, kisser, kissing tackle, kissing trap, kissonyms, kissy-face, KS, lip salute, a, lip work, lip-sucking kiss, little tongue sushi, lock lips, lollygag, love bite, mackin', make kissy-face, make licky-face, make out, make out with, make smacky-lips, making out, maw, mesh, MKA, MLA, monkey bite, mouth wrestle, mouth wrestling, neck, necking, north and south, oscula me, osculate, osculation, osculatory, outercourse, Póg mo thón, pass secrets, PDA, peck, pet, petting, philemaphobia, philematology, philematophobia, plant a big one, plant a kissy-poo, plant one, plates and dishes, play kissy, play kissy-face, play kissy-poo, play lickey-face, play smacky-lips, play snuggle-bunnies, play tonsil hockey, plonker, public display of affection, pucker up, Purple Heart, put out, scoop, second base, sexual behavior, shag tags, smack, smack in the puss, smacker, smash mouth, smooch, smooching, smoodge, smooge, smouge, snog, snooch, snowball, snowballing, snowdropping, soul kiss, soul kissing, spit bath, spit swapping, strawberry kiss, suck face, suck head, suckers, swab the tonsils, SWAHAAK, SWAK, swap spit, swapping spit, take a trip around the world (in eighty ways), talking kiss, thelebasiate, third base, throw the tongue, tip the velvet, tongue bath, tongue kiss, tongue kissing, tongue sushi, tongue wrestle, tongue wrestling, tonsil hockey, tonsil swab, tonsil swabbing, tonsil-lectomy, trade spit, trip around the world, tulip sauce, tunnel of love, typhlobasia, uptown gal, wack job, wear, wench, wet kiss, wet kissing, wet one, whack job, White Russian, X, XXX, zoom in

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