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1. In the US: cheating on one's usual partner . Recent usage, especially among teenagers.

2. In the US, anal or vaginal intercourse doggy-style (from the rear and on all fours).

3. In England, having-sex in a parked car with people on the outside looking in. This practice is encouraged by some couples who turn-on in interior light for the convenience of the viewing audience. Synonym: amomaxia (sex in parked car).

4. In England, watching people having-sex in a parked car.

See Also: amomaxia, animal training, aunt Flo, bend over, bitch, bone, cage, canine interest(s), clamp it silly, coital position, coital posture, collar, collar and lead, cynophilia, cynophobia, defecation, diarrhea, dissipated, do a dogs rig, dog, dog clutch, dog fashion, dog in the bathtub, dog style, dog training, dog ways, dog with two dicks, dog-knotted, dog-locked, doggie style, doggies, doggy style, doggy ways, doggy-do, doing, fake it, Fuck a duck!, fucked without getting kissed, get laid, grostulation, halitosis, hockey, hole it, hookey, hooky, horse-fuck, intercourse position, kennel, kynophobia, laid, Lassie fashion, lovemaking position, making a dogs match of it, mammalian position, menstruation, more canino, penis captivus, piss in the dugout, poodle, privates, proud, puke, puppy love, rocks, sausage, see a dog about a man, see a man about a dog, sex position, sexual position, shit, snap it, snapping pussy, snapping turtle, snorker, tail, tomcat with three balls, unspoken language (of love), urination, zoo number

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