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fetish wear:

Or: fetish-clothing , clothing made of leather , latex , or rubber cut in a way to accentuate the body and show it off in a sexually-arousing fashion.
See Also: a.s.f., afghan, alvinolagnia, amelotasis, amputation, amputee, anaclisis, anaclitism, anus worship, apron high, athletic supporter, basket weaving, batty rider, being pinned, bikini, bikini brief, bondage bra, boots and shoes fetish, braid cutting, chloroform, cloak the captain, colpomimesis, copping clothes, crurofact, dancer's belt, dothead, fearnought, fetish, fetish clothing, fetishistic cross-dressing, fight in armor, gee-string, gynelophilous, hemotigolagnia, infantilism, into leather, lingerie lass, love beads, menophilist, permanent mascara, petticoat discipline, pimp shades, pimp tints, stay in the closet, triskaidekaphile, wearing a birthday suit, zebra'd

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