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1. A synthetic rubber used in the manufacture of condoms and dental-dams.

2. A condom . See condom for synonyms

See Also: anal play, anal sexual play, bikini condom, binding, clitorilingus, condom, coronal extender, cunnilinctio, cunnilinction, cunnilinctus, cunnilingtie, cunnilinguate, cunnilingue, cunnilingus, dental dam, doorknob (buttplug), fellate, fellation, fellatize, fellatorism, female condom, fetish clothing, fetish wear, lambskin condom, latex condom, lube, lubricant, lubricated condom, male condom, natural condom, oragenital sex, oral coitus, oral copulation, oral copulation (of the penis), oral eroticism, oral genitalism, oral intercourse, oral sex, oral stimulation, oral-genital sex, oralism, orogenital sex, orolabial stimulation, penilingism, penilingus, penosugia, phallalingus, sex lube, sex lubricant, skin condom, virilingus

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