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Large-breasted or well-proportioned ; can also refer to a fat woman .


(1) Tira (Mae West) in I'm No Angel (1933): ' One figure can sometimes add up to a lot .'

(2) Eve Kendall (Eva Marie Saint) and Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) in North by Northwest (1959):
-- Eve: ' I'm a big girl! '
-- Roger: ' Yeah! In all the right places to .'

See Also: acault, bloomers, bubbied, compulsive sexual activity, contour, figger, fine figure, full hand, full house, fulsome, go to blobs, in gear, in one's Sunday best, in one's Sunday clothes, Jewish American Princess, measurements, monster shot, mooners, rumpus delecti, shapely, streamlined, thumbnail, Virginia Maylips, waiting for wood, works, the, zaftig, zoftig

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