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give someone the eye:

To glance or gaze at someone flirtatiously, provocatively or seductively.
See Also: agynophelymity, amorous glance, baby's cries, balls eye, banjo eyes, bat one's eyes at, bedroom eyes, big T, the, biparous, blennorrhea, blow hot and cold, brown eye miner, Brummagem buttons, bug eyes, bugging eyes, canoodler, clap eyes on, clap one's eyes on, clockers, cock eyes, cock in her eye, Columbus circle, come-hither eyes, come-hither look, come-on eye, the, cry baby, cut out the eye chatter, daylights, deadeye, deadlights, delivery room, drape queen, drop a pup, dropping a pup, eye, eye-giver, fico, finger, flickers, flukers, front windows, ganderers, gender roles, genitomorphism, get a lot of house, get a shot of leg, gimlet eyes, give a come-hither look, give a double-O, give some sugar, give someone some sugar, give someone the shaft, give someone the works, give the once over, give the reckless eyeball, give up your face, giver of the eye, glass eyes, glaziers, gleeps, glimmers, glims, goggle eyes, goggles, goo-goo eye, iris, Irish beauty, killers, lamps, lay eyes on, lay one's eyes on, lens, lights, Line of Jewels, love favor, luminaries, make bedroom eyes at, make eyes at, make goo-goo eyes, make googly eyes at, make sheep's eyes, mince pies, mud pies, Nelly Blighs, nether end, oculars, oculii, oglers, ogles, ommatophobia, ommetaphobia, optophobia, orbits, P.I., palpitators, Patess, peekers, peepholes, peeps, permanent mascara, piercers, pincers, put the chill on someone, queer peepers, red-assed, saucer eyes, saucers, seekers, seers, sees, set eyes on, set one's eyes on, sheep's eyes, shutters, side-glance, sights, skylights, slanters, spotters, squinters, starry orbs, suck off, sweating phenomenon, swing low, swivel eyes, talent, tampered with, tear in the lily, teratophobia, throw a bird, tip out, top lights, traveler's aid, trouser snake, turn handstands, turn someone on, twinkers, typhlobasia, untried, weak sister, weepers, windows, windows of the soul, windows to the soul, winker, winkers, write out a check, Wunderorgasmusmaschine

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