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As in: eyeing (up) the local talent , a collective term for a gathering of attractive wo/men.
See Also: ad, dowry, game of inches, gifted, just another pretty face, talent

Quotes Containing talent:
British agent 007 James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) loosing the first hand of baccara to Soviet agent Xena Onatopp (Famke Janssen) in GoldenEye (1995): - James: 'It appears we have the same passions. Three anyway.' - Xena: 'I count two. Motoring and baccara... I hope the third is where your real talent lies.' - James: 'One rises to meet a challenge.'
Leticia Van Allen (Mae West), a talent-scout and a 6''7" cowboy in Myra Breckinridge (1970): - Leticia: ''My! You''re a tall boy .'' - Cowboy: ''Yes, ma''am. I''m six feet, seven inches. '' - Leticia: ''Let''s forget about the six feet and concentrate on the seven inches. ''

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