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inhibited sexual desire:
Or: ISD , a persistent or temporary sexual disorder characterized by low or absent sexual-desire , lack of interest in sexual fantasy and activity, even when sexual situations are available and appropriate. Possible causes include: anxiety about sex ; fear of intimacy ; anger with a partner ; feelings of inadequacy.

See Also: adelphirexia, algophily, anaphrodisia, anaphrodisiac, anaphrodite, anaphroditous, aneroticism, anililagnia, antiaphrodisiac, ardor veneris, automysophobia, basoexia, be covetous of, covet, desire phase, desire stage, erogenous, erotic, erotogenic, estromania, feel the Colt's tooth, gynecomania, heteroerotic, homoerotic, hypoactive sexual desire, hyposexuality, hysteromania, inappetence, inhibited sexual desire, ISA, ISD, ISE, lagnesis, lascivia, lechery, lust of the flesh, pathic, sex arousing, sexually arousing, thigmacupidus, thygatrilagnia, urge, the,

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