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A suffix for:

1. Of, relating to, characteristic of, having the qualities or (usually undesirable) characteristics of. Boyish, girlish , childish , like a boy , a girl , or a child. Brownish , brown-like. Foolish , like a fool.

QUOTE: Gigi (Leslie Caron) in Gigi (1958): ' Do I look great ladyish? '

2. Also used to create new adjectives:
-- Spanglish = Spanish + English
-- Slanglish = slang + English
-- Spinstrish = like a spinster (From My Sister Eileen , 1955)

3. Of the nationality of: British, Danish, Irish, Polish, Spanish, Swedish , Scottish, Turkish.

4. Also used to convey an approximate age to time of the day: ' Let's meets later in our favorite place , say fivish in the tea-room .' ' S/he still looks fortyish even when s/he dresses like a twenty-year old .'

See Also: piss white, piss yellow, portly,

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