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Or: irrumation . Etymology: From the Latin irrumare , suck or fellate .

1. Masturbation or copulation between the thighs of another man or, less often, between the two mens abdomens.
SYNONYMS: coitus-ante-portas ; coitus-inter-femora ; coitus-interfemoris ; college-fuck ; college-style ; dry-fuck ; dry-hump ; dry-run ; English-method ; femoral-intercourse ; Harvard-style ; interfemoral-intercourse ; intracrural-intercourse ; irrumatio(n); leg-work ; leggins ; Princeton Rub or style; rubbins ; slick-leggins ; thigh-sandwich ; thighs .

2. Fellatio by actively thrusting the penis into the mouth of a partner . A distinction was once made between fellatio and irrumatio based on who is actively moving: irrumatio meant to thrust the penis into the partner's mouth , fellatio meant to move the head and mouth up-and-down around the penis ; this distinction has almost completely vanished in modern English and the word irrumation has fallen out of use.

See Also: butter churn, college fuck, college style, English method, irrumatio, irrumation, leggins,

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