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live man:

Another word for pimp . See pimp for synonyms.
See Also: agromania, b-boy, bach it, ball gown, bed partner, behavioral transsexualism, bitch-queen, Boston marriage, bow window, brother starling, bungalowing, cake pimp, carpe diem, chapstick lesbian, claim jumper, cluster marriage, cohabit, cohabitation, common-law husband, common-law wife, companion, country marriage, dial-a-porn, domestic partner, easy rider, exibeeshes, gagger, heavy crush, her indoors, home cooking, homework, illegal cohabitation, lady-love, lick, live-in (lover), living in sin, lone wolf, Mademoizook, mankind, married but not churched, men's lib, more or less married, peecam, positive living, POSSLQ, riding in another mans saddle, romantricks, royal jelly, shack-up, share bed and board, silent flute, skin flute, three-inch fool, tightie whities, titty bug, toilet cam, united in holy bedlock, wet deck(s), without benefit of who cares

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