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Humankind is more accurate since women account for at least 50%. Rosalie Maggio in The Dictionary of Bias-Free Usage (1991) recommends the following: humanity, humankind, people, human beings, human society/nature/species/creatures/ populations, the human race/family, civilization, society, individuals, one, creatures, creation, all creation, mortals, body, somebody, someone, anyone, souls, all living souls, society, all of us, ourselves, everyone, early peoples, we, us, mortality, all generations, folks, persons, the public, the general public, the world , community, the larger community, nation, state, realm, commonweal, commonwealth, republic, body politic, population, residents, inhabitants, adults, citizens, taxpayers, workers, members, participants, hands, parties, earthlings, worldlings, our ancestors, women and men.
See Also: Ewig-Weibliche, das

Quotes Containing mankind:
Lena Yakushova 'Ninotchka' (Greta Garbo) and Count Leon Bressart (Melvyn Douglas) in Ninotchka (1939): - Ninotchka: 'What have you done for mankind?' - Count Leon: 'Not so much for mankind ; for womankind, my record isn't quite so bleak.'

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