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look over:

To look at or examine someone or something.


(1) Ruby Carter (Mae West) in Belle of the Nineties (1934): ' It's better to be looked over than overlooked .'

(2) Jealous girlfriend and Louis Blore (Red Skelton) in DuBarry Was a Lady (1943)
-- Girlfriend: ' You never look(ed) at me like that! '
-- Louis Blore: ' You never looked like that ,'

(3) Frank Slade (Al Pacino) to Charlie Simms (Chris O'Donnell) in Scent of a Woman (1993): ' The day we stop looking, Charlie , is the day we die .'

See Also: basket-watching, butchy, chicken-looking, dog eye, easy on the eyes, easy to look at, flirtatious eyes, forest, give a come-hither look, give the once over, glad eye, the, googly eyes, pash eye, pieface, run one's eyes over, speciman

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