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money trick:

1. A prostitute's customer.
SYNONYMS: baby ; beef-burger ; client ; cull ; date ; fare ; meal-ticket ; meatball ; patron ; piper ; punter ; sucker ; TOS ; trade ; trick .

2. The customer for an occasional or part-time prostitute rounding out her month.

3. In gay parlance, on older man who supports a younger lover .

See Also: beef burger, break, break luck, brown dollars, chrematophobia, chrometophobia, client, coitus sordidus, cull, cute trick, date, dick money, fare, gayola, john, log in, meal ticket, meatball, moneymoon, no lead in his pencil, no toothpaste in the tube, patron, piper, pull a trick, punter, regular trick, romantricks, straight trick, sucker, token of sincerity, TOS, trade, trich, trick, trick baby, turn a date, turn a trick, turn tricks, turned out, variety artist, works, the

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