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A prostitute's word for a customer.

SYNONYMS: baby ; beef-burger ; client ; cull ; date ; fare ; john ; meal-ticket ; money-trick ; meatball ; piper ; punter ; sucker ; TOS ; trade ; trick .

SEE ALSO: 33 ; 78 ; champagne-trick ; curb-crawler ; freak-trick ; frequent-flyer .

See Also: Athor, Bathsheba, beef burger, client, crush hour, the, cull, desperate hours, desperation number, fare, Hathor, meatball, money trick, piper, Stonewall Uprising, The, TOS, wax fruit

Quotes Containing patron:
'As long as they've got a pulse beat they're in there pitching. ' Gloria Davis (Anne Triola) warns Melinda Howard (Doris Day) that all men are alike where women are concerned even her apparently innocent old patron in Lullaby of Broadway (1951)

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