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Soft pads worn inside a brassiere to make the breasts appear larger. See bra for related terms .

QUOTE: Lena O'Connor (Thelma Ritter) stuffing the bra of a model in A New Kind of Love (1963): ' More men have promised to love , honor and obey a good set of sponge rubbers than they'll ever know .'

See Also: bird cage, birdcage, blood sports, bosom cheaters, bra, brassiere, Brillo pad, Brummagem bubbies, Brummagem Joe, bustle, cat rig, colpomentiors, colpomimesis, cotton mouse, cotton pony, cover, cover the waterfront, cow-pad, crack-halter, cunt rag, decencies, decoy(er), diaper, Dracula's teabag, drape queen, falsies, falsy, fanny rag, feminine protection, flag, flophouse, gay deceivers, genital pound of flesh, granny rag, hammock, have the rag(s) on, hemotigolagnia, jam rag, jelly sandwich, labia landfill, launching pad, manhole cover, menophilist, menstrual cloth, monthly rag, pad, padded bra, padding, palpitating bosoms, palpitators, panty liner, patent heavers, perineal pad, peter-cheater, plug, poe-slap, props, protection, rag, red rag, sanitary, twat-hammock, vampire sex, vampirism, water wings

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