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1. A minor skin lesion on the face of an adolescent; also known as whitehead, blackhead, gophead.

2. Or: The pip / Spanish-pip , 17 th century word for syphilis . See syphilis for synonyms.

See Also: bumpers, cute, pip, Spanish gout, Spanish needle, Spanish pox

Quotes Containing pip:
Ian (Joe Mantegna) and Chazz (Brendan Fraser) watching Pip (Adam Sandler) with Suzzy (Nina Siemaszko) in Airheads (1994): - Ian: ''How does he do that?'' - Chazz: ''Pip? The man gets his hands on more bumpers than a body-shop .'' - Ian: ''With that I-seem-so-stupid-I-must-be-cute routine?'' - Chazz: ''That''s the quiet cool . Chics, man , they just lock on it .''

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